This Oral Sex Safe For Women and Men For Satisfactory

To dye your sex life and your partner, oral sex is often performed as an associated variation in bed. Especially for men, most of them would not refuse if the couple wants to give oral sex. Then how oral sex can make men feel satisfied and also safe for the women?

Here are some tips from Idiva quoted on Monday (24/06/2013) in order to take oral sex safer for women and satisfying for men:

1. Use Condoms Have Sense
Without condoms, oral sex is more fun for him. But remember, the health priority. Well, in order to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, then use a condom that has a flavor that oral sex feels more ‘delicious’.

2. Combine Tongue and Hand
Remember that you give oral sex in all parts of his penis. While giving him oral sex, also use your hands and tongue to touch the balls or other body parts so he feels more delicious.

3. Apply a few groceries on his penis
Combining sex and food will be something quite amazing. Apply a food ingredient that is definitely safe for his penis like syrup, honey, chocolate sauce, or cream. See you lick the liquids in his penis, would make him crazy about you.

4. Eye Contact
Keep doing eye contact with your husband when you are busy with ‘work’ you. Men are very happy if she made eye contact with him while giving oral sex to him.

5. Show Passion
Show that you are really passionate when giving oral sex to her husband. Men are not too concerned with how the mechanism you engage in oral sex. He just noticed that you enjoy oral sex was like he was enjoying it. Speed, rhythm, and intensity you in giving oral sex to be an important part here.

6. Wet Tongue Conditions
If you do not use lubricants, make sure your tongue is really wet. One way before giving him oral sex, first jilatlah testicles and the base of his penis.

7. Prepare Yourself
Most women immediately choked while performing oral sex. Ways to avoid choking on the focus of your mind, tell yourself that you are not going to choke. After that do it slowly, and start giving him oral sex in a gentle way.

8. Position 69
Position 69 is a win-win solution for the couple who will perform oral sex. Stimuli given simultaneously will be tasted superb when you and your partner perform oral sex.

9. Teeth Whitening Fluid
Aside from being an anti-depressant, make teeth shine, and improve the quality of your sleep, use bleach teeth can be a powerful way to end your oral sex session.

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