Free Snoring While Sleeping with Step It


Snoring sleep can be experienced anyone. In addition to snoring can disturb others, snoring sometimes also be an indication of serious health problems. How not to snore while sleeping? When snoring need to be treated?

Dr. Dito Anurogo, health consultant at detikHealth explains snoring is the sound or sounds that occur when a person sleeps for nasopharyngeal airway narrowing. As a result of air flow during breathing relaxes vibrate the soft parts of the tract or oropharyngeal airway.

To overcome sleep snoring, Dr. Dito in reply consultation in detikHealth suggest doing the following steps:

1. Avoid Smoking Habit

Smoking can irritate the mucous membranes or the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract that causes swelling and increased mucus production.

2. Avoid Certain Drugs Drink Before Sleeping

Sedatives or tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and antihistamines before bedtime to avoid consumption. If you must drink, drink 2-3 hours before bedtime.

3. Regular Exercise

4. Avoid Sleep Position your back or stomach

Supine position allows a person to snore. Should sleep on your right or to the left. If you have your back, then wear a pillow.

5. 15 Minute Pamper Yourself Before Sleeping

Relax before bed can help reduce snoring. Way to pamper yourself can write fun stuff throughout the day, yoga, listening to classical music, or doing other light activities are fun.

6. Avoid Eating, Drinking, and Snacking Before Bed

The point is do not go to bed in a state of satiety stomach.

7. Reduce Weight

People who have excess body fat weight aliases tend to snore during sleep. Therefore, reduce weight in a healthy way is by exercising regularly, a lot of activity, and maintain your diet.

According to Dr. Dito, alias surgery snoring surgery could be done if it is considered very disturbing. Surgery is usually performed by the method of tonsillectomy, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, laser / electrocautery / microfrequency.

Meanwhile health experts from the hospital bed Medistra Jakarta dr Rimawati Tedjasukmana, SPS, RPSGT called snoring therapy done if there is a particular reason. “If for example only snore when sleeping on your back, I make ya do not snore sleep on,” said Dr. Rima in conversation with detikHealth, Wednesday (06/19/2013).

To watch is if there is sleep apnea refers to a disruption of breathing for 10 seconds or more. Sleep apnea should not be underestimated because it can cause sudden death, because the oxygen can come down very low.

“Once there was a patient of mine, oxygen up to 40 percent, whereas 90 percent of normal. It can cause heart rhythm disorders,” said Dr. Rima.


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